international mining & machinery exhibition2022
Istanbul mining and mining machinery exhibition has various specialized sections, including , topography measurement equipment, geophysical monitoring equipment, prevention and geological equipment, satellite communications and remote control systems, machine Drilling machines and equipment , demolition equipment and accessories, transportation machines and equipment ,mineral processing machines and equipment,heavy vehicles ,tunneling machines and equipment, asphalt construction machines and equipment ,Natural stone extraction and processing,chemical systems minerals and analysis noted.

One of the most popular parts of this exhibition is the seminars held by various mining companies.

Maden Türkiye exhibition is a very important and specialized exhibition in the field of mining related activities.Participation and visit of this exhibition is recommended to all experts and people related to this field.

It is worth mentioning that in this period of exhibitions, knowledge based  sanat crusher payam company from Iran, which has been operating since 1380 in the field of producing stone crushers and other equipments with skilled and expert forces in the design and engineering departments, production, Quality control and commerce are present